Me and Joan

Is it worth the fun? That’s the question as I’m trying to type with an injured hand. I may have gone too high on the wall too soon and now my wrist is in a splint. However, I DID drop in on a narrow ramp and only crashed once hard. It was the second one that got me. Trying to go high in a quarter pipe. Whether I can continue this insanity or not may depend mostly on patience. The problem is having to be a bit aggressive in order to succeed. Somewhere there’s a balance and I should probably err on the side of caution. But it’s so much fun! And great exercise. SKATEBOARDING INTO SIXTY or maybe James at 57. Will I make it? Love is All Around is playing in my head.

Little C with Amidabus

Elsewhere finds us in the WESTY in beautiful Lee, NH for R’s UNH orientation. Dreadful weather but fun nonetheless. Getting a window into what’s in store for him and listening to good advice for parents. So far no cringes. Big C directed an awesome question about race and policing to Chief Paul Dean and got a fine answer. The head of Residential Programs also provided a good answer, talking about ‘implicit bias,’ identity, privilege. Maybe there’s hope for us. I’m confident in the youth. They’re talking in constructive ways about race, identity and privilege. But will race take a back seat to white identity? At any rate it’s the old white men and those with an undeserved adoration of them who need to do the listening. It IS time for REPARATIONS despite what the old turtle of the Senate has to say.

Perhaps that’s enough for the first entry. Give my wrist a wrest.

:- j