Sing your favorite song with the Lyme Town Rock Band* backing you up.

At the inaugural Lymefest you will have the opportunity to perform Live Band Karaoke! There are 8 slots available via auction. 

When you win your auction for a slot you will be contacted by live band karaoke wrangler Toby Summerfield to finalize your song selection and make plans to sort out any necessary transposition. 

Please be aware that we are trying to keep songs under 5 minutes, so no “Stairway” this time around. 

*The LTRB is: Thomas Chapin (GTR/VOX), James Graham (GTR/VOX), Toby Summerfield (GTR and more), and ‘The Pocket Protectors’ – John Foster (Drums) and Don Sinclair (Bass)

Auction Over. The Winners are:

1 – Barbara Ann Wilson: $50
2 – Cybele Merrick: $25
3 – Julia Gartner: $40
4 – Nicole Tadlock: $20

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